About Us

We provide unique solutions for Retail Store Applications, and Industrial Automation on the basis of IoT and RFID Technology.

We create fast and personalized approaches to the needs of our customers with our creative solutions we produce in an academic environment within Dokuz Eylül University Technopark.

What We Do?

We design and manufacture high-performance antennas and circuit boards, serving our customers in a wide range of products.

Developing high-performance industrial devices in production and logistics processes, we offer products that can meet all needs in the retail sector with revolutionary RFID security antennas, inventory tracking devices, and mobile sales applications In addition to the further-technological devices developed with partners in The Netherlands, Germany, France, and China, we also develop products in line with user needs and supply customize RFID tags from the world’s leading producers.


  • We deliver all products all over the world in a short time.
  • We make it easy for you to reach a solution with the right products for you.
  • Follow and offer the most up-to-date technology in our products.
  • We are aware of a development in the business world achieved by serving better.
  • We are always ready to support you with our expert staff.

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