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UniqueID will be our manufacturing home in Europe. All Europe will see unique works from our company. Think about what motivates you, what causes, and experiences led you to start the business for us, answer of the this questions are RFID systems.


We develop high performance industrial devices in production and logistics processes.

It is a big opportunity, especially for big volume companies to render real-time product tracking possible and to increase the consistency of increasing data to the new-age smart systems.

Box Station

The on-screen USB ports, network cable input, bluetooth, wireless and integrated camera will accelerate many operations.

Desk Station 2

Highly engineered RF caustic structure provides 99% read performance with RFID performance readings.

Rover Station

The high-capacity battery system allows the device to operate for two days without charging.

Gate Station

The Gate Station stands out from all its competitors with its superior reading performance and ease of integration.

Alarm EAS

The high gain antenna provides easy counting of dense areas with a modified rfid reader for counting.

Bigdesk Station

Thanks to the table-type specially developed reader, it quickly identifies all products placed on it.


The Jet pack is superior to all competitors with superior reading performance and ease of integration.

Tunnel Station

180 ° rotation of the screen is important for the management of the machine in two directions.

Our Team and Technologies

  • We are always ready to support you with our expert engineers.
  • For many years, we offer the most up-to-date technology all over the world globally.

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