Gallon Bottle Tracking System

Is the drinking water sold with 5-gallon bottles healthy? Unfortunately, these controls can not be done correctly.
and real-time.

How It Works?

The Ministry of Health is now preparing to set up a tracking system to 5-gallon bottles with square code.

In this follow-up system, Takipsan RFID solutions are ready to support the water producer firms. Within the scope of our system, it is recorded that the surface of the chambers is laser marked with square laser marking technology, the passage of the bottles in the filling facility of the bottles, the passage in the washing units and the control of the cleaning period.

Useful of Gallon Bottle Tracking

Each registered 5-gallon bottle is managed and controlled from a single headquarter, and all the data can be stored on the health ministry servers when requested. Bottles identified by Laser Burning can be controlled by all end users using the system.

For example, you can check how many times the bottle in your home are bottled, filled in which facility it is bottled, and when they are bottled. The bottle hygiene is as big debate topic as the hygiene of the drinking water, because the lifetime of a bottle is 50 usage max. However, it is not possible to determine this in the current system.

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