With the RFID Inventory Tracking Project, all types of inventory can be managed and followed up.

How It Works?

Thanks to the RFID mobile reader, counting operations of all inventory can be done quickly and without error. With the RFID mobile reader, search and discovery operations of inventory can also be provided. Calibration, service and warranty periods can be tracked as well as counting and search operations.

A debit of inventory can be created according to the person, location, building or room and all inventory that was not countable in their location is marked with different color tones on the software. There are three different types of authorization on the software: counting authority, identification authority and admin. Thanks to the cloud server, it is possible to access the desired information on the internet without any time and place. With the reporting system, back-end inventory, personnel or time-based statistical information is generated.

Project Purpose:

Reporting the counting and instant tracking of the inventory which belong to the facility, where they are located, which personnel are authorized on them etc. as well as fast and accurate.

  • Minder rook in huis en kostenbesparing
  • Beperking ontbossing
  • 25% minder verbruik houtskool, waardoor 25.000 ton CO2-reductie.
  • Meer werkgelegenheid door lokale productie en distributie.

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